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I have a passion for film, sports, traveling, food, and art. 

After gaining experience from anchoring, producing, shooting, and editing several sports segments for three years, I created the company, Real Active Women which is a sports show, a movement, and a documentary that highlights female athletes for their talent and strives for respect. In the show I interview female athletes to find out what motivates them and what makes them tick. We talk about struggles within women's sports, and what we think could mitigate these problems. The Real Active Women Documentary received official selections from Diamond in the Rough Cut and Artemis Film Festival. 

Concurrently managing Real Active Women, I became the production manager, videographer, and editor for ACK Film. I selected and managed crews for productions, recorded and edited content for shows, created a sizzle reel, and took on the role as assistant editor for the documentary, The Forgotten Plague. 

While working for ACK Film, I created my second company, ALM Productions. I manage productions, shoot and edit videos for different clients, and produce my own content. In 2016 I created a short film on domestic violence called Shackles of Fury. It received four official selections, one honorable mention, and a nomination from film festivals. 








Outside of work, I enjoy training women in self defense, reviewing ice cream flavors and throwing ice cream parties, hiking, and traveling the world. I also enjoy painting, making arts and crafts, and journaling. 

"If we are growing we are always going to be outside our comfort zone."

- John C. Maxwell

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