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Oatmeal Cookie Chunk imposter Oat of This Swirled

I posted this video on Facebook and received over 2,000 views within two days.

Feeling pretty upset with this Oatmeal Cookie Chunk imposter Oat of This Swirled. Ben & Jerry's #CantBelieveIwasLetDown #BringBackOatmealCookieChunk 

Ben and Jerry's Vegan Flavors (Video)

I have been concussed for four weeks now and besides sleeping and drinking Superieur Electrolytes, I have been eating a lot of ice cream, naturally:) I love Ben & Jerry's ice cream as usual (even our house cat, Kiki likes Ben and Jerry's ice cream as you can see in the photo - JK, no we don't actually give her it), and I am happy for how many non-dairy flavors they have created, but I would like it if they could use soy milk and coconut milk as some alternatives depending on what tastes best for the flavor as opposed to just almond milk. Although I love almond milk, it’s not always the best non-dairy option when you are trying to recreate certain ice cream flavors. Us ice cream lovers have to stick together.

 I list 54 flavors of Ben and Jerry's ice cream by heart in alphabetical order. 

 (all pint size flavors including two exclusive flavors)

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