Films/ Documentaries


Director/Producer/ Actress/ Editor

Director/Producer/ Host/

Videographer/ Editor


Videographer/ Editor


Videographer/ Editor

Director/ Producer/ Editor/ Writer/ Actress

Received four Official Selections,
One Honorable Mention,
One nomination

Director/ Producer/ Videographer/ Editor/

- best feline one minute video

This is a video collage of Kiki the Kitten. Kiki wears a leash when she goes outside. Watch her do cute things and travel. This short film won an award for best feline one minute video from the Avalonia Film Festival. 

A woman fights for her identity as she battles domestic violence in this short film, Shackles of Fury

Director/ Producer/ Host/ Editor/ Writer/ Cinematographer

Real Active Women is a sports show, documentary, and movement that highlights female athletes for their talent and strives for respect.

Assistant Editor

An afflicted journalist embarks on a quest

to find out why the CDC and medical system have neglected his disease and left millions sidelined from life in this documentary, Forgotten Plague.

Received Two Official Selections


Producer/ Videographer/ Editor

Producer/ Host/ Editor

Producer/ Videographer/ Editor

Producer/ Videographer/ Editor

New Moon Mycology Summit 2018

Producer/ Videographer/ Editor



*Producer/ Videographer/ Editor for all of these with the exception of when I was on camera

*Voice Over Artist for Basketball and Soccer videos



Oatmeal Cookie Chunk imposter Oat of This Swirled

I posted this video on Facebook and received over 2,000 views within two days.

Feeling pretty upset with this Oatmeal Cookie Chunk imposter Oat of This Swirled. Ben & Jerry's #CantBelieveIwasLetDown #BringBackOatmealCookieChunk 

 I list 54 flavors of Ben and Jerry's ice cream by heart in alphabetical order. 

 (all pint size flavors including two exclusive flavors)